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  • 2012 Toyota 86

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  • Jul 2022
    I just LOVE this vehicle
    —Kayla-Anne B - 2012 Toyota 86 GT LIMITED
  • Jul 2022
    Amazing car very smooth to drive nice looking quite low to ground and pretty fast for a small engine
    —Glen C - 2012 Toyota 86
  • Jul 2022
    Not built for space but had the option for space to carry passengers if needed, nice sleek and a fun sporty car, coming off stock the numbers are relatively impressive in regards to hp and the weight ratio for handling and performance of the 86, I enjoy it but recommend you do your own research and test the car for yourself because words don’t do justice in my opinion, has modification potential if that’s the path you choose also all in all its a great car I’m happy there’s nothing left to say!
    —Jordan P - 2012 Toyota 86 GT
  • Apr 2022
    Beautiful car with excellent handling. Won’t regret buying one to drive for yourself. The only downside is that backseats can’t really fit passengers (maybe just the little ones) apart for putting bags and stuffs. It is a amazing two door sport coupe car after all.
    —Norman W - 2012 Toyota 86 GT 2.0P 6A 'NZ NEW'
  • Mar 2022
    Definitely a good type of car. For me personally I’m not much of a car person but this car will definitely give you attention + smooth ride.
    —TE M - 2012 Toyota 86 GT
  • Mar 2022
    Absolutely love this vehicle! Reliable, fuel efficient and so easy to modify :) Would highly recommend!!!
    —Taylor M - 2012 Toyota 86 2.0L 6 SPEED MANUAL
  • Jan 2022
    If you’re considering a fun, raw and pure 2dr sports car that looks amazing and at a decent cost just go for it, you’ll love it!
    —Jordan H - 2012 Toyota 86 G
  • Dec 2021
    Very good handling, good power for the weight. fuel economy is okay.
    —RUHAN K - 2012 Toyota 86 GT
  • Dec 2021
    Amazing driver's car
    —COLIN F - 2012 Toyota 86 6-Speed Manual Sports !
  • Nov 2021
    I read alot about them, and they handle great, will be a awesome car for road trips
    —Keith W - 2012 Toyota 86 GT LTD
  • Sep 2021
    Such a smooth ride, I smile every time I open the door. I love the keyless entry & the leather interior parts. Very flash on the inside and out.
    —Stephanie R - 2012 Toyota 86 GT
  • Sep 2021
    I love my car
    —Jewel S - 2012 Toyota 86 GT Kitted
  • Jul 2021
    Its really amzing and i like the car so much, and theres nothing bad on the car .
    —Marc T - 2012 Toyota 86 GT
  • Jan 2021
    —Nishad H - 2012 Toyota 86
  • Dec 2020
    Good car
    —Juhei N - 2012 Toyota 86 G
  • Nov 2020
    Nice ladies or entry level sports car
    —Linda H - 2012 Toyota 86
  • Jun 2020
    It’s a dream car for many people.
    —Shivneet C - 2012 Toyota 86 GT
  • Jun 2020
    If you want a sweet ride please get this car the shape the style it all is a dream come true for me feeling blessed
    —Samuel P - 2012 Toyota 86 G Manual
  • Apr 2020
    I drove the car from the lot to Invercargill, the 86 was everything I wanted and expected from that drive. I had wanted one for a while and done my research.
    —Steven P - 2012 Toyota 86 GT
  • Nov 2019
    Take one for a drive, it will speak for itself.
    —Kevin G - 2012 Toyota 86 G Spec
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