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  • 2013 Mazda Atenza

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  • Nov 2020
    Really neat looking cars, ahead of their years in styling in my opinion and very quick off the mark with the 2.2 turbo diesel. Plenty of newer car features for a fraction of the price.
    —Todd H - 2013 Mazda Atenza Wagon 2.2lt T/Diesel
  • Nov 2020
    Really good features for the age of the vehicle. Very spacious and comfortable. good value for money
    —Jessica W - 2013 Mazda Atenza 25S LEATHER PACKAGE
  • Oct 2020
    This is a really great car. Super pleased I went with the deisel model (turbo) and with the adaptive cruise control.
    —Matthew W - 2013 Mazda atenza
  • Oct 2020
    Very roomy for a family vehicle. Also has ISOFIX points for child’s car seat. Drives very smooth. The cruise control is very helpful when on the highway, and slows down on its own when it senses a car.
    —Holly C - 2013 Mazda Atenza 6 Late Shape
  • Oct 2020
    Awesome car love it heaps
    —Corey C - 2013 Mazda Atenza 2.0-S Touring
  • Oct 2020
    Great fuel economy. Drives very nice and responds well to acceleration. The black leather interior with red stitching is really smart looking. Nice wee features come in the car.
    —Tracy G - 2013 Mazda Atenza 25S L Package
  • Oct 2020
    its a nice car to drive, got a good shape & just a good car all round
    —David P - 2013 Mazda Atenza
  • Sep 2020
    great car
    —Sarah H - 2013 Mazda Atenza 2500cc, Full Leather, 4 Brand New Tyres
  • Sep 2020
    The 2.5L is a must. So much more up and go than the 2.0L
    —Simon H - 2013 Mazda Atenza WAGON 25S L PACKAGE
  • Sep 2020
    Loving it
    —Maximillian H - 2013 Mazda Atenza WAGON
  • Sep 2020
    This vehicle is lovely and amazing.
    —Orlly O - 2013 Mazda Atenza New Shape with Reversing Camera & Cruise Control !
  • Sep 2020
    Very sleek, comfortable, economical car to drive. Still learning things about the cars features.
    —Lewis M - 2013 Mazda Atenza SEDAN 20S
  • Aug 2020
    Its very comfortable while driving and economical as a fuel.Overall its good for purchase.
    —Gagandeep S - 2013 Mazda Atenza 20 S
  • Aug 2020
    The best car ever, has a lot features as much as any luxury car, if you need a family car with safety features in great price point, this car exactly will fit you!
    —Anton N - 2013 Mazda Atenza 2.2 XD Sport + Luxury Pack
  • Aug 2020
    6 speed manual fantastic
    —Malissa M - 2013 Mazda Atenza XD / 6 Speed Manual / 19 Inch Alloys
  • Aug 2020
    It was exactly as described. I am very happy with the wagon.
    —David C - 2013 Mazda Atenza Sport Wagon 20S
  • Aug 2020
    2 litre version not as peppy as the 2.5 but still good and fuel economy is excellent. Very nice ride
    —Timothy S - 2013 Mazda Atenza 20S
  • Jul 2020
    A very nice and roomy wagon. My first diesel and so far an enjoyable vehicle to drive.
    —Mark M - 2013 Mazda Atenza XD
  • Jul 2020
    Awesome Choice
    —James C - 2013 Mazda Atenza 2.2T/Diesel Leather Package
  • Jul 2020
    A great vehicle, the drive back to the North Island was very pleasurable and the vehicle was beyond what I had expected!
    —Bryce M - 2013 Mazda Atenza 25S LEATHER PKG
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